1. Beautiful War

From the recording Beautiful War

Music by Gia Torcaso
Lyrics by Gia Torcaso; Katie James
Recorded & Mixed by Tyler Stafford
Mastered by Vince Gates

Acoustic guitar/bass: Gia Torcaso
Piano: Mel Wade
Harmonies/Back Up Vox: Monique Jade
Synth/Keys: Elizabeth Mumford
Drums: Kris Stosic

Oooh, I just love Monique's harmonies on this song! She also came up with a fun, background vocal part for the bridge. I'm so happy to have her creativity and talent on this tune!
I originally wrote this song on piano (yes, I dabble.) And Mel did such a fantastic job with the piano part on this; it's really organic and emotional. So good. (Side note, Mel played 3 different pianos on this album: An upright in Tyler's studio, a grand piano at Mark & Susie Stafford's residence, & her own upright piano one hot afternoon for the song, 'Endure.')


I don’t know what happened
Or who you are
Don’t know why your pictures feel like home

But I like the way
That you fit perfectly
Beside me baby
I love the way you laugh
Love the way that you moan

But I’m used to heartbreak
The pull the sun has on 2 lovers
Followed by
The shutting
Of one door
And if love is a fight
Just call me the heavy weight winner tonight
We’ll make love
And then we’ll make ourselves
A beautiful war
Just tell me baby
I’m the one you’re looking for

Now, I dreamed of you
Even after I
Convinced myself
That it’s just impossible to dream
But now I don’t wanna know
And life that came before you
See, I never lost the art of
Make believe

Truth is
I have had a little bad luck
Truth is
Everything before you was rough
But now I’m ready to fall in love

Truth is
I’ve been waiting for your permission
So please turn around and listen
Baby it’s you love
That I’ve been missing
You know that I love you

Just tell me baby I’m the one you’re looking for

And if love is a fight
just call me the heavy weight winner tonight
we’ll make love…